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Fantastic tool. Use the rat tail end to part or section hair, then you can flip the comb over and use the other side to comb the hair, great for intricate African cornrow styles.

Hair type IA-4C.

  • Sandalwood hair tools are made of 100% high quality natural green Sandalwood.
  • Being a natural product, the actual colour and wood fibre pattern of each comb is different. So, each comb is a unique piece of art in its own right.
  • due to the high density of  Sandalwood, the polished combs carry an ultra-smooth, refined & seamless finish.
  • The hair tools come in a wide variety of choices including – wide teeth, close teeth, very fine teeth.
  • Thickened sides and long handles for ergonomic holding.
  • Contemporary designs specifically for textured hair.