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KeraCare Leave in Conditioner 4 floz

£799 £879

KeraCare Leave-In Conditioner helps in infusing moisture into hair locks in an attempt to make them smooth and soft. Apart from that, it helps in promoting oil balance and moisture to your scalp and hair. The solution can be applied generously to both clean and wet hair. While using the conditioner, you are advised to not rinse your hair.

Key Features:

Unique blend of natural ingredients

• Perfect for controlling hair tangling and frizzing

• Helps in leaving curls smooth and defined

• Provides extreme care for your locks

• Contains Ultra violet (UV) sunscreens

• Superb for blow drying

• Helps in preventing hair breakage

• Supports hydrating of hair to leave a healthier, softer, manageable, and more lustrous hair texture


 Dry your clean and shampooed hair, 

· Apply Keracare Leave-in conditioner from hair line to hair ends  

· Comb your hair for even distribution  

· Style your hair as desired (Do not rinse out your hair after application) 


Note: Use the required amount of conditioner only, do not over-saturate your hair with it.