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  • Avocado butter (organic)
  •  Jojoba oil organic Simmondsia Chinensis
  •  Castor oil organic Ricinus communis Seed Oil
  •  Passion flower seed oil organic Passiflora Edulis
  • Baobab oil organic Adansonia digitata Seed Oil
  •  Avocado oil organic Persea gratissima
  •  sea buckthorn oil Hippophae rhamnoides 
  • Directions for use: take a small amount and rub between fingers, apply to hair and scalp.

Avocado is high in mono-saturated fat one of the main reasons it is so good for your hair, it moisturises, nourishes and strengthens hair strands. Avocado butter used on the scalp can also help to reduce dandruff and itchy scalp.

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