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Infinitii Oils

The infinitii journey began when the founder and creator opened a salon and learned that like her, so many other women were complaining of hair loss, thinning hair, damaged hair from over processing, and premature greying.

That was the inspiration to start the quest for a hair remedy that was totally pure, yet affordable, made from the most natural oils yet amazingly effective.

"After extensive testing and trials on self, friends and family the magic hair formula was born. Years of thinning hair and unsightly wide parting that was a nightmare to cover up started the long but creative journey and after only 2 applications the hair felt healthier and within 4 weeks condition improved vastly in thickness as well as in length - So for the first time in years needed a good cut"

Armed with an amazing formulation the infinitii brand evolved into a range of proven and effective oil based naturally pure products that deliver by using elements that are vegan friendly, cruelty free and unadulterated in any way.

Infinitii Oils