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Luxury Hair Oil - 100ml


Our luxury hair growth oil is a powerful, concentrated formula proven to deliver  fabulous hair health within only just a few applications. It is a totally natural yet penetrative hair oil which has the ability to travel deep into the layers of the hair shaft due to the absorbent structure and quality of our unique natural ingredients. The ingredients are carefully chosen for their beneficial properties for optimum hair health.  With regular application it is possible to attain strong, beautiful, thick and well nourished hair with less hair fall and more growth. Our clients have noticed an immediate visible  improvement and regular use can give long lasting results. improvement and regular use can give long lasting results.

  • Ingredients

    • Olea europaea (pure olive oil)
    • Ricinus communis (castor oil)
    • Prunus Amygdalus Dulcis (sweet almond oil)
    • Vitamin E Oil (naturally derived)
    • Linum usitatissimum (flaxseed oil)
    • Persea gratissima (avocado oil)
    • antioxidants, vitamins & omegas


Visible thickness of hair
Density and volume
Less hair loss
Repairs damage
Nourishes dry/frizzy hair
Conducive to healthy hair growth
Can help with psoriasis, eczema, flaky scalp, dandruff
Soft -shiny - silky appearance & texture
Helps lessen premature greying of hair
Nourishes coloured hair
Improves circulation
Reduces split ends
Replenishes nutrients
Visibly beautiful hair


  • Application

    Our recommendation is to use the oil  2- 3 times a week on a regular basis. Apply 2-3 pumps of oil to dry hair,  massage from root to tip  particularly at the roots.  Massage the scalp well and leave  in for minimum 2 hours but preferably overnight. Wash as normal in the morning.


    Apply a small amount during the day to if you wish to tame frizzy or dry ends or to nourish the scalp area.


    Infinitii Luxury Hair Oil can also be  used as a  deeply nourishing mask and mixed with 2 eggs left in for 45 mins as a protein replenishing treatment.


    For areas of balding or thinning patches, use daily and massage into the scalp thoroughly.


    Apply as a heat protector and reduce heat damage / colour damage.